inhabitable inhabitable


  • (adj) fit for habitation


  1. Despite the advent of indoor plumbing, there hasn't been an inhabitable bridge in London since.
  2. It is My Revelation that Los Angeles and the rest of California even the entire the United States will be extremely hot and dry now to the point of un-inhabitable.
  3. Her new book, which has also been superbly translated by Max Hayward, is a sprawling but inhabitable annex to the first volume.


  • Send tweets into space?

    The company is beaming 144-character messages into space for roughly a quarter a pop. Whether a potentially inhabitable solar system wants to hear about Justin Bieber a few years from now is anyone's guess.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: MSN


  1. In a communication to employees, Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini commented on the emotions unleashed by the tragedy: "The thought that major cities will not be inhabitable for weeks or even months is something Americans have never had to face...
    on Sep 1, 2005 By: Paul Otellini Source: WebWire (press release)

  2. "If you have difficultly imaging this, think about the situation with houses. With moderate maintenance they stay up, they stay intact, inhabitable more or less forever. It's just that we have to do a bit of maintenance to keep them going. And it's...
    on Jan 1, 2006 By: Aubrey de Grey Source: CBS News

  3. Indeed, Sir Ferdinando Gorges, one of the colony's chief investors, concluded the Maine coast was "over cold and [therefore] not inhabitable by our nation."
    on Aug 14, 2007 By: Ferdinando Gorges Source: Christian Science Monitor

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