ineffectuality ineffectuality


  • (n) lacking the power to be effective



  1. For alternating shows of ineffectuality with promises of competence, sending Japanese stocks to hell and back and bringing Wall Street along for the ride.
  2. Eddie Cantor belongs to the school of clowns whose humor derives from ineffectuality; a certain eccentric excitability makes him sometimes hilariously funny.
  3. But knowing that there was no way Alice was ever actually going to go to the moon only added to Ralph's blobby comic ineffectuality.


  • Marco Rubio Needs To Borrow Your Womb To Get His Conservative Cred Back

    The Weekly Standard is reporting that Marco Rubio will introduce a Senate bill to ban all abortions after twenty weeks, a cynical maneuver to repair his reputation with the far right base that elected him. Rubio knows the bill won't pass; in fact, he's counting on its ineffectuality, allowing him to strut like a lawmaker without the perils of lawmaking. That such a move comes courtesy the ...
    on July 3, 2013     Source: Mediaite


  1. Mr. Netanyahu said that the Palestinians had failed to take promised action against Hamas and militants, and given warnings from the military about "the strengthening of Hamas and the ineffectuality of the Palestinian Authority, I see no reason to...
    on May 29, 2005 By: Benjamin Netanyahu Source: New York Times

  2. "I was about to muse about the guaranteed ineffectuality of speed merchant Walcott," writes Francis Lee. "Luckily I was delayed by perusing Hadley Freeman's piece on Uma Thurman. I might now actually start watching the match for more than...
    on Mar 31, 2010 By: Francis Lee Source: The Guardian

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