impiety impiety


  • (n) unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god


  1. But the easygoing realism that accepts wife-swapping or any impiety of evaded obligation with a sociological shrug enrages him, for at bottom he is a New England moralist.
  2. That wasn't good enough for the mutawa, the vigilantes who enforce Muslim religious laws against impiety and immodesty.
  3. Nevertheless, on the slopes above Socorro, a group of scientists thought it no impiety to see what could be done about changing New Mexico's weather.


  1. A jubilant Khomeini told his entourage that he had "eliminated that paragon of impiety" for ever.
    on Jul 29, 2005 By: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Source: Asharq Alawsat

  2. In The New York Review of Books, the critic Daniel Mendelsohn argued that Littell is attempting to achieve what Jean-Paul Sartre called "impiety against real piety," in this case the piety being "our own conventional pruderies and...
    on Mar 21, 2009 By: Jean-Paul Sartre Source: New York Times

  3. The writer and poet Edmund Blunden said afterwards that it "seemed a horrid impiety" to open his Homer.
    on Mar 19, 2008 By: Edmund Blunden Source: New Statesman

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