holism holism


  • (n) the theory that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole


  1. This veritable flowering -- or plague -- of holism is almost always presented with wide-eyed enthusiasm and a hefty dose of conventional-medicine bashing.
  2. In an increasingly divided world he kept his faith in holism, but Smuts did not live to see his principles victorious.


  • Full Bore: The First Dig unearths a release date of Sept. 10

    Full Bore: The First Dig launches for PC and Linux on September 10 for those who pre-order the full game, which is currently discounted to $8. The First Dig is the completed first half of Full Bore , the block puzzler and exploration title from indie studio Whole Hog Games. There's an obvious theme going on here, but we'll spell it out in case you missed it: Holism. OK, and boars. Mostly boars ...
    on September 5, 2013     Source: Joystiq

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