hoka hoka


  1. (n) a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Hokan languages
  2. (n) a family of Amerindian languages spoken in California




  1. "Hoka hey, it's a good day to die," Allen said in a nod to his Choctaw Indian heritage. "Thank you very much, I love you all. Goodbye."
    on Jan 17, 2006 By: Clarence Ray Allen Source: San Diego Union Tribune

  2. Red Cloud said he and his fellow organizers, "want 1,000 warriors who will climb on their Harleys and yell, 'Hoka Hey!' like the Lakota warriors did as a war cry for many years, and in the spirit of the Old West raise their voices for justice."
    on Jun 18, 2010 By: Red Cloud Source: Arizona Republic

  3. During a conversation with reporters, Thackeray said, "No one can understand Pawar's political moves. He speaks different things at different places. He is not a hoka yantra (navigation instrument), but a dhoka yantra."
    on Feb 27, 2009 By: Raj Thackeray Source: Daily News & Analysis

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