hobbyhorse hobbyhorse


  1. (n) a topic to which one constantly reverts
  2. (n) a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers; the child straddles it and pretends to ride



  1. He shot the boy on the hobbyhorse through the chest and head, then fired again and killed the barber.
  2. Huiyuan is a high-profile national brand, and its sale to Coke had become a hobbyhorse for nationalists who often dominate popular Internet chat rooms in China.
  3. Observers agreed that the baptism of Beaverbrook's hobbyhorse before the Lords was a fizzle.


  1. "People who want to take this within 24 hours of the event and make it their political hobbyhorse to ride, I have got nothing but loathing for them," Kaine said.
    on Apr 18, 2007 By: Tim Kaine Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. "I've had a private passion for them since I was very young -- it's my hobbyhorse," Black told me in a recent @ The Movies interview. "Private eye novels -- tough guy novels -- are things that I read at a very early age. I was only 9 years...
    on Nov 11, 2005 By: Shane Black Source: TheDenverChannel.com

  3. "We will also need timely political intervention to fix loopholes in current drunk-driving laws that have become the hobbyhorse for defence lawyers to extricate their drunk-driving clients from the consequences of their criminal conduct,"...
    on Dec 28, 2007 By: Julian Fantino Source: Toronto Star

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