hillbilly hillbilly  /ˈhɪl bɪ li/


  • (n) a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person


  1. At 22, he looks 14, and his accent belongs to a jive Nebraskan, or maybe a Brooklyn hillbilly.
  2. His style is partly hillbilly, partly socking rock 'n' roll.
  3. With them the 13th passenger goes lanky, philosophizing Preacher Casy, hillbilly Moses turned rustic socialist.


  1. Hillbilly Days festival to be June 14-16 at Bennett Spring

    Circle J Campground in association with MacCreed’s Art Gallery and Kessel Run Entertainment will present Hillbilly Days Root-grass Festival from Friday through Sunday, June 14-16 in the Bennett Spring
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Buffalo Reflex

  2. Ron 'Donnie Baker' Sexton brings plenty of character to Jukebox

    Donnie Baker has shaggy, 1980s hair. He wears Zubaz pants. He drinks a mixture of warm beer and Mountain Dew — a hillbilly Jagerbomb, if you will. This habit has actually given Ron Sexton a beer belly. Baker, a regular caller on the “Bob and Tom” radio show, is a character created by Sexton. The overconfident, excitable redneck — who is always telling tall tales and ending his statements with “I ...
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Peoria Journal Star

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  1. "Once we decided that we were gonna make money dominating the world, first thing we did was throw away the good American music, the blues and hillbilly music," Pop says over the phone a few weeks after his show. "We gave it away. We pitched...
    on Jul 21, 2007 By: Iggy Pop Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. Thornton describes the band's music as "Hillbilly British Invasion" and they plan to hit the road and tour the United States this summer, Thornton said.
    on Jun 10, 2008 By: Billy Bob Thornton Source: Reuters

  3. "I tried to play everything," Toussaint said in a recent interview. "I heard a lot of boogie-woogie, a lot of waltz, hillbilly music with that rolling saloon piano trilling with the right hand. I thought musicians were supposed to play...
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Allen Toussaint Source: Canada.com

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