high-powered high-powered


  1. (adj) vigorously energetic or forceful
  2. (adj) (used of microscopes) capable of a high degree of magnification


  1. I'd spent an hour sharing my dreams with a high-powered media type, thinking it was going brilliantly.
  2. Wood was shot in the back with a high-powered rifle in the driveway of his San Antonio home on May 29, the day originally set for Jimmy Chagra's trial.
  3. Indoors, high-powered lights that stimulate growth can remain on all day, their nourishing rays reflected off the metallic-coated paper covering walls.


  1. Emerging Markets, Hitting a Wall

    As a result of various economic trends, developing nations may no longer be capable of sustained high-powered growth.
    on June 23, 2013     Source: New York Times

  2. Oakland traffic stop leads CHP to guns, drugs at San Ramon home

    High-powered rifles, body armor, drugs and cash were recovered in a suspect's car and at a San Ramon home he is linked to, authorities say.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: San Jose Mercury News

  3. Operation Ceasefire Arrest Leads To High-Powered Guns, Drugs, Cash In Oakland

    An Operation Ceasefire arrest led to the seizure of fully automatic high-powered rifles, semi-automatic handguns, high-capacity magazines, marijuana and $7,000 in cash on Friday in Oakland, according to a California Highway Patrol officer.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: CBS San Francisco


  1. "We worked hard to bring audiences right into the thrilling, high-powered world of Nascar racing," the producer Jerry Bruckheimer said. "I'm really pleased that the film has taken on a life of its own and, like Nascar, stood the test of time,...
    on Jun 26, 2010 By: Jerry Bruckheimer Source: New York Times

  2. "The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the most high-powered 4x4s and sports cars can be up to four times as great as the least-polluting cars," London's Mayor Ken Livingstone told reporters.
    on Feb 25, 2008 By: Ken Livingstone Source: E/The Environmental Magazine

  3. "When we don't hit, you have to give the guy on the mound credit," Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel said. "His stuff wasn't high-powered, but he was giving us fits with his changeup."
    on Jun 26, 2010 By: Charlie Manuel Source: Press of Atlantic City

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