heroin heroin  /ˈhɛ roʊ ən/


  • (n) a narcotic that is considered a hard drug; a highly addictive morphine derivative; intravenous injection provides the fastest and most intense rush


  1. After a successful trial, Britain may soon set up clinics across the country where heroin addicts would receive supervised injections of the drug.
  2. Dear Committee:Please do whatever you can to get heroin legalized for easing pain.
  3. A harm-reduction scheme doles out legal heroin to keep addicts off the streets.


  1. Heroin defendant gets trial date

    Norwalk woman accused of selling and possessing the drug. A heroin addict who went to prison for misusing a credit card was arraigned this week in connection with a buy-bust coordinated by the Norwalk Police Department.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Norwalk Reflector

  2. Heroin Use on the Rise in Washington State, Report Finds

    Heroin use is on the rise in Washington state, particularly among young people, according to a new report. The increase can be traced to laws that have made it more difficult to obtain prescriptions for opioids such as oxycodone, the researchers say.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Join Together Online

  3. Heroin use, deaths increase in state

    SEATTLE -- Heroin use and related deaths have increased significantly across Washington over the past decade, especially among people younger than 30, according to a new study released Wednesday.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Everett Herald

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  1. Diederick Santer, EastEnders executive producer, said: "Nick Cotton is an EastEnders legend. His complex relationship with Dot, his criminal tendencies, and his addiction to heroin, violence, and everything else that's bad have made him one of the...
    on Oct 2, 2008 By: Diederick Santer Source: Times Online

  2. "We've resurrected hope in ourselves, and we're hoping to spread it around a bit -- to tell people you can get off speed, you can get off H [heroin], you can get off pot. You know, because whatever they say, you do get hooked on it," says Lennon.
    on Mar 5, 2007 By: John Lennon Source: Boston Globe (registration)

  3. "We will not solve the world drugs problem if we simply push addiction from cocaine and heroin to other addictive substances and there are unlimited amounts of them, produced in mafia labs at trivial costs," director Antonio Maria Costa said.
    on Jun 23, 2010 By: Antonio Source: AFP

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