harridan harridan


  • (n) a scolding (even vicious) old woman


  1. He moves back into the home where he grew up, hiring actors to play his relatives including Ann Savage, the notorious harridan of the 1945 cheapo-noir classic Detour, as his mom.
  2. To ex-wife Nancy Capasso, Myerson was a harridan who stole her husband Andy, moved into her house and wore her clothes.
  3. Eddie is warmed by her sporty friendliness, especially in contrast to the harridan convalescing in his hotel bedroom.


  • June Squibb knows her 'Nebraska' character well

    Actress June Squibb, who plays a woman Alexander Payne says is a 'harridan' in 'Nebraska,' belatedly recognized the role. June Squibb was in a bit of shock when she first saw her performance as the tart-tongued wife of Bruce Dern's character in Alexander Payne's "Nebraska."        
    on November 16, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times


  1. "I've seen myself depicted as a greedy, flamboyant crook who stole money from his company to finance a pretentious lifestyle and feed the insatiable materialism of his harridan wife," Black wrote.
    on Mar 6, 2007 By: Conrad Black Source: Bloomberg

  2. He curled "up on the floor at the feet of the trembling old harridan," Maguire writes. "She was weeping into the edge of her shroud. He was purring, and rubbing his head against [Yackle's] ankles."
    on Oct 18, 2008 By: Gregory Maguire Source: Christian Science Monitor

  3. "Cindy Sheehan has gone from disgracing her son's memory to becoming a caricature of someone who exploits a tragedy for her own self aggrandizement, to someone who is on her way to becoming a rich and famous harridan," Horowitz told Cybercast...
    on Oct 26, 2005 By: David Horowitz Source: CNSNews.com

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