hardheaded hardheaded  /ˈhɑrd ˌhɛ dɪd/


  1. (adj) unreasonably rigid in the face of argument or entreaty or attack
  2. (adj) guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory



  1. The book is awfully smart when it comes to hardheaded advice for families trying to heal or at least draw out an autistic child.
  2. Jeff's hardheaded analysis does not stop at why and how to do all this.
  3. Darkoh, 35, has always had an appreciation for the hardheaded logic of business and has always felt that there is a place for it in the gentler field of healing.



  1. "I thought it would be wrong for me to rob her of the chance to be what I thought she should be," said Clinton. "She laughed and said, 'First I love you and, second, I'm not going to run for anything, I'm too hardheaded.'"
    on Dec 11, 2007 By: Bill Clinton Source: China Daily

  2. "I learned from that experience that I'm a pretty stubborn, hardheaded guy," Rolen said. "I thought, I'll try to remember that on Sept. 4 instead of October."
    on Jan 18, 2007 By: Scott Rolen Source: SI.com

  3. "I'm going to be a little hardheaded and pitch to my spots," Clemens said.
    on Oct 6, 2004 By: Roger Clemens Source: SI.com

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