hanger-on hanger-on


  • (n) someone who persistently (and annoyingly) follows along


  1. And non-actor Jordan Nagai does fine as Carl's young hanger-on Russell.
  2. They were hired by John Miller, a British ne'er-do-well and hanger-on at the fringes of London's upper crust.
  3. Early that afternoon the wasted comedian was dead in his hotel bed, and a Hollywood hanger-on named Cathy Smith was in Los Angeles police custody.



  • In replying to the Mayor, Dunlop said: "I remember starting off in the late 70's and riding a bike which belonged to Joey back in 1978. This took me from just being a hanger-on in the sport to one of its major competitors. I have had a tremendous...
    on Apr 24, 2007 By: Robert Dunlop Source: Belfast Telegraph

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