hackwork hackwork


  • (n) professional work done according to formula


  1. And with few exceptions, superhero comics became cartoon hackwork.
  2. It's about the thin line between hackwork and magic.
  3. Its immediate commercial impact has already sailed past, in the form of doomed over-plotted hackwork like The Nine and more interesting formal experiments like Daybreak.


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    Oliver Goldsmith is proof that writers come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. His detractors said he couldn’t hold his life together. Their proof: he wrote thousands of pages of hackwork to pay for gambling debts and alcohol.
    on February 25, 2014     Source: San Diego Reader


  • "By translation and hackwork," says Gray, "[he] lived for 10 years, at times homeless and sleeping in church porches, as did thousands then, while increasingly known as one of England's greatest scholars." It was against this background that, in...
    on Sep 11, 2009 By: Alasdair Gray Source: Irish Times

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