gushy gushy


  • (adj) extravagantly demonstrative



  1. Homage aside, in conjunction with gushy OMGs and exclamation points, the use of all caps points to the problematic nature of writing for an Internet audience.
  2. The Federal Reserve in limbo, Edmund Andrews in mortgage trouble and Arthur Laffer as a very gushy book reviewer.
  3. This gushy talk isn't all meaningless.


  • My advice: Lie to your mom!

    How can I deal with a needy, gushy, over-emotional mother for whom everything is a great big sad dramatic scene?
    on August 20, 2013     Source:


  1. "He always leaves Post-Its by my bed when I wake up in the morning telling me how much he loves me. All that gushy stuff, but it feels good. He's the best," Aguilera, 26, said of Bratman, 29, whom she wed in 2005 and calls her "best friend in...
    on Mar 22, 2007 By: Christina Aguilera Source: Teen People Magazine

  2. "You can't expect every day everyone will be all gushy together, and Orlando plays to win, sometimes that rubs people the wrong way," Cora said. "That always surprised me, to be honest, because between the lines, he helped us to win a lot of...
    on Mar 27, 2009 By: Joey Cora Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  3. "It's hard for me to get real gushy gushy on record," Remy says. "But it's a nice love song, like on some 'I love you, but I'm not sweating you and I won't stab your car tires.' It's nice."
    on Oct 14, 2005 By: Remy Ma Source: SOHH

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