gratuitous gratuitous  /ɡrə ˈtu ə təs/


  1. (adj) unnecessary and unwarranted
  2. (adj) without cause
  3. (adj) costing nothing


  1. The violence in the movie was gratuitous and took away a lot from the serious issue the film was addressing.
  2. "The remark about the source of funds of the project is gratuitous, personal and malicious," said Dorian, the project leader.
  3. It is a gratuitous experiment to prove that thieving in companies increase after layoffs.


  1. Michael Brown Accepted Bribe In Redskins Mug

    [Insert gratuitous "MUG SHOT" comment here] Photo Credit: @SegravesNBC4
    on June 11, 2013     Source: NBC Washington

  2. NDOW is subsidizing bear hunt, trapping

    Nevada's Department of Wildlife and its oversight commission claim 'sound' science and management buttress gratuitous, serial killing of wildlife species. The facts speak differently.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Fernley Leader

  3. Fine Chyna: 10 Awkward Moments From Foxy Brown's Interview On The Combat Jack Show [PHOTOS]

    Foxy Brown's chapter in Hip-Hop history isn't up for debate. The "Il Na Na" ushered in a new era of chocolate beauty, raunchy raps, sky-high heels, and low-cut shirts; paving the way for Nicki Minaj's daring outfits and gratuitous body shots .
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Hip-Hop Wired


  1. In a statement, Mr Turnbull said as Leader of the Opposition "I will not tolerate members of the Shadow Executive disparaging their colleagues in such a personal and gratuitous fashion".
    on Feb 18, 2009 By: Malcolm Turnbull Source: The Australian

  2. The change addresses "only the most extreme and gratuitous material, not mainstream films such as `Eastern Promises,"' Verner said in a statement March 3.
    on Mar 20, 2008 By: Josee Verner Source: Bloomberg

  3. "The resignation as mayor was gratuitous," Thomas said. "It was something that was not necessary. We'll consider anything they have to say that's reasonable. Our position is we are going to go forward. We are preparing for trial."
    on Aug 22, 2008 By: James S. Thomas Source: MyFox Detroit

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