graceless graceless  /ˈɡreɪs ləs/


  1. (adj) lacking graciousness
  2. (adj) lacking grace; clumsy
  3. (adj) lacking social polish


  1. A better statesman than politician, a tireless but graceless campaigner, a successful salesman who was liked but not well liked, the man seemed uncomfortable in his own skin.
  2. He is a mean-spirited, graceless bully.
  3. He has never liked the 26 receptions, the thousands of punishing or limp handshakes, the graceless requests for souvenir cuff links with the presidential seal.


  • Watch the National Perform "This Is the Last Time" and "Graceless" on "Kimmel"

    Last night, the National stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" . They performed Trouble Will Find Me tracks "This Is the Last Time" and "Graceless". Watch below and read our recent feature on the band here . "This Is the Last Time": "Graceless": Watch the National on's "Over/Under":
    on August 13, 2013     Source: Pitchfork


  1. After Spitzer withdrew the plan, Dobbs said the governor was "somewhat graceless in refusing to take responsibility for an irresponsible act."
    on Nov 15, 2007 By: Lou Dobbs Source: Forbes

  2. Baldwin called TMZ's Harvey Levin "a human tumor, a graceless character who lives in that weird netherworld" - and cut ties with Today show anchor Matt Lauer.
    on Jun 16, 2009 By: Alec Baldwin Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  3. Before Hernandez's shot at Carter, play-by-play man Gary Cohen said: "Regardless of what happens, you can't be any more indelicate or graceless than Gary Carter was in saying the things he said about being available to take over the job. I just...
    on May 26, 2008 By: Gary Cohen Source: Seattle Times

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