gimbal gimbal


  • (n) an appliance that allows an object (such as a ship's compass) to remain horizontal even as its support tips


  1. Since the gimbal could turn the boat only so much, the ILM crew had to jostle it further after scanning footage into the computer.
  2. A full-swiveling gimbal, mounted in the rim, would keep the light post vertical while the tire followed the shifting contour of the water.
  3. When he daydreams of gimbal lamps and fiddley gratings, he illustrates his abiding fault: maundering.


  • PanaVise 15508 Portagrip is the strongest phone mount we've seen

    The 15508 Portagrip features quality parts and an excellent range of adjustability. (Credit: Josh Miller/CNET) When I picked up the PanaVise 15508 Portagrip, something about this smartphone mount seemed familiar. Looking at the suction cup base and the adjustable gimbal for the phone clamp, I realized that part of this unit is the same thing we at CNET use to mount cameras to the outsides of ...
    on July 24, 2013     Source: CNET

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  1. "I felt some of my strongest acting in the movie was stuff in the car," Hirsch says. "And the reason why it really rang so true to me was because we shot all the car scenes on something called a gimbal. It's this hydraulic pump machine that...
    on May 7, 2008 By: Emile Hirsch Source: Globe and Mail

  2. Hanks says, "I can't tell you, for example, the concept of Gimbal Lock. You can't explain what Gimbal Lock is, but you can communicate that Gimbal Lock is bad. That it's really, really bad if they go into Gimbal Lock."
    on Mar 30, 2005 By: Tom Hanks Source: CBS News

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