ghostwriter ghostwriter


  • (n) a writer who gives the credit of authorship to someone else


  1. He's poorly educated, and reportedly resorted to using a ghostwriter to compose love letters to a mistress.
  2. Raymond Chandler was ghostwriter to the sound track our lives so often imitate.
  3. Boss of Bosses has an irritating quotient of macho G-man swagger, and some of ghostwriter Laurence Shames' imagery is so hard-boiled it could be served at picnics.


  1. George Takei Facebook Scandal Rocks The Net

    George Takei of Star Trek fame has a huge Facebook community of over 4 million likes. Now it got revealed that the entertaining posts of George Takei are in fact written by a ghostwriter. How the...        
    on June 13, 2013     Source: I4U

  2. George Takei Facebook Scandal: Ghostwriter Apologizes For Leaking Actor’s Secret For Social Media Success

    George Takei may not be as funny as you think. It turns out that the Star Trek actor gets a little help with his Facebook account and isn’t always the one posting those witty messages. Journalist Rick Polito said earlier this week in an email to Jim Romenesko that he was paid $10 per joke [...] George Takei Facebook Scandal: Ghostwriter Apologizes For Leaking Actor’s Secret For Social Media ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Inquisitr

  3. George Takei’s Facebook Mea Culpa: ‘So What?’

    News tonight that George Takei’s Facebook page – consistently virally popular and well-shared — had been at least in part populated with content by a ghostwriter sent mild ripples across the social media sphere. But George Takei’s Facebook mea culpa is much in line with the character we’ve all grown to love on Facebook, and it seems [...] George Takei’s Facebook Mea Culpa: ‘So What?’ is a post ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Inquisitr

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  1. "It made it look too much like an admission of guilt," Simpson told the Palm Beach Post. "I wasn't happy with the hypothetical paragraphs. A ghostwriter wrote the whole thing, and I OK'd it. But there were a lot of inaccuracies about the case...
    on Feb 6, 2007 By: Nicole Brown Simpson Source: Contra Costa Times

  2. "When the article is then published, the participation of the 'ghostwriter' may not be revealed," Grassley wrote. "Essentially, the companies are using the reputation of prestigious academic researchers and their institutions to promote the...
    on Jan 12, 2010 By: Charles Grassley Source: Journal of American Medical Association (subscription)

  3. "I give him all his material and he tests it out," Bosh said. "I'ma ghostwriter for him. So it works out."
    on Mar 31, 2009 By: Chris Bosh Source: National Post

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