gameness gameness


  • (n) disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet



  1. A flash, a moment of gameness was all that Princetonians asked of a team which since the beginning of the season had not beaten anybody except one minor opponent.
  2. The new owners must be ready with enterprise, working capital, management, gameness, the spirit of adventure.
  3. He is rarely above or below form, cannot win on pure gameness.


  • Junior Dos Santos was failed by those who were supposed to protect him at UFC 166

    On Saturday night, Junior Dos Santos demonstrated incredible gameness, conditioning and strength of will in a fight while also being beaten to a pulp. That was the second time it’s happened to Dos Santos in the last year. Cain Velasquez … Continue reading ?
    on October 21, 2013     Source: Cagewriter via Yahoo! Sports


  1. "She felt good today," jockey Jon Court said of Cambiocorsa. "She ran great. She showed some gameness when we crossed the dirt, but she just didn't have that sustained kick she normally has."
    on Jan 1, 2007 By: Jon Court Source: Thoroughbred Times

  2. "She ran well," Frankel said of Sugar Shake, who is out of the Skip Trial mare Skipping Around. "She waits on horses, so when (Kris' Sis) ran by her, I wasn't sure she was going to come back at her, but she showed a lot of gameness."
    on Jan 14, 2007 By: Bobby Frankel Source: Thoroughbred Times

  3. "When we turned for home, he started fighting and Bejarano and I hooked up for the last eighth of a mile," Gomez said. "He showed a lot of heart and a lot of gameness. First time I've been on him and he ran a really good race."
    on Apr 3, 2010 By: Garrett Gomez Source: Thoroughbred Times

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