gallery gallery  /ˈɡæ lə ri/


  1. (n) spectators at a golf or tennis match
  2. (n) a porch along the outside of a building (sometimes partly enclosed)
  3. (n) a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited
  4. (n) a long usually narrow room used for some specific purpose
  5. (n) a covered corridor (especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported with arches or columns)
  6. (n) narrow recessed balcony area along an upper floor on the interior of a building; usually marked by a colonnade
  7. (n) a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine


  1. The site also includes a photo gallery, kid's corner, and slide show.
  2. A gallery of famous siblings and their sometimes fractious, sometimes harmonious relationships.


  1. Photo Gallery of 2013 Detroit Fireworks and Storify of spectators' photos

    Photo Gallery and Storify of spectators' photos from the 2013 Detroit Fireworks
    on June 25, 2013     Source:

  2. Gallery: The great trees of Seattle

    They’re everywhere, and sometimes you’re just caught by the majesty of the darn things, shimmering in the sunlight, towering overhead and sheltering you from the rain. Seattle, The Emerald City (after all), has many great trees and each neighborhood has a few trees that really stand out. Those are the “heritage trees” of that hood. (You can see where those are in the gallery above and here ...
    on June 25, 2013     Source:

  3. Gallery 4 summer show in Rockland

    Gallery 4 Summer show, “On the Road,” will be on view July 8 through Aug. 23, with an opening reception from 7 to 9 p.m., on Saturday, July 13.
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Rockland Standard


  1. "In his understated way, he did his duty as a leader, not as a performer playing to the gallery," Mr. Kissinger said.
    on Jan 3, 2007 By: Henry Kissinger Source: Dallas Morning News

  2. "Not a chance in the world would I ever go out there and fight that gallery, not even for two holes," Jim Furyk said.
    on Jun 11, 2004 By: Jim Furyk Source: Orlando Sentinel

  3. "We had three options," Green said recently. "We could stop play, clear the course, I could play without a gallery. They could stop play and we come out the next day and finish up ...... or we could continue play. I said, 'Let's play. I can't...
    on Aug 12, 2007 By: Hubert Green Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription)

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