gabled gabled  /ˈɡeɪ bəld/


  • (adj) (of a roof) constructed with a single slope on each side of the ridge supported at the end by a gable or vertical triangular portion of an end wall


  1. Gallerygoers readily identify the unchanging gabled houses still found in country districts, and the traditional peasant women's dress.
  2. The Stern Cambridge is full of 90-year-old gabled and bay-window-bellied houses, just a gentlemanly stroll from the Square's latest Marx brothers festival.
  3. In a gabled palace at The Hague, forgotten by most of the turbulent world, 15 men in black robes and white bibs quietly pursue the ideal of international justice.


  • Baldwin House

    Some historic homes may not be dashing on the outside, but have a profound history on the inside. The “Baldwin House” is indeed one of those homes. You may notice this house, perhaps for its gabled roofs at the front and sides (and perhaps for not much else). But the home has quite a remarkable story to tell about the family that lived there for generations. For 82 years, the home remained in ...
    on June 25, 2013     Source: Flathead Beacon

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