fruit-eating fruit-eating


  • (adj) feeding on fruit


  1. Tiny flightless rails nestle amidst Aldabra's bushy scrub and mangrove forests, while above them swoop red-footed boobies, sacred ibises and fruit-eating bats.
  2. The authors found no local insect-eating or fruit-eating birds in herbicide-hit regions; fish-eating birds had declined.


  1. Cycads Evolved To Grow In Groves With Seed Dispersal By Large Frugivores

    April Flowers for - Your Universe Online Before the age of dinosaurs, the ancient cycad lineage existed. Cycads also co-existed more recently with large herbivorous mammals, such as the Ice Age megafauna that only went extinct a few tens of thousands of years ago. Modern cycads have large, heavy seeds with a fleshy outer coat, suggesting they rely on large bodied fruit-eating ...
    on August 21, 2013     Source: redOrbit

  2. Ancient cycads found to be pre-adapted to grow in groves

    Cycads been around since before the age of the dinosaurs. Cycads living today have large, heavy seeds that suggests they rely on large fruit-eating animals to disperse their seeds. Yet there is little evidence that they are eaten and dispersed by today's larger-bodied animals, such as elephants. If these plants are adapted for dispersal by animals that have been missing from Earth's fauna for ...
    on August 21, 2013     Source: Science Daily

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