four-footed four-footed


  • (adj) having four feet



  1. Startled to see this usually four-footed prey erect, the tiger cautiously retreated.
  2. After five minutes aloft, the pilot guides the craft down over the heads of gaping wall-walkers for a four-footed landing.
  3. The only wild four-footed friends the island Pygmies could boast were a few small pigs, rats and native, skunklike creatures.


  • A Firebrand Media Publication

    A second herd of goats will start foraging in open spaces surrounding Laguna Beach to help maintain a fuel break beginning June 1. The city’s Fire Department requested adding more of the four-footed fuel-consumers due to this winter’s scant rainfall, resulting in plants with low moisture levels that easily burn.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: The Laguna Beach Independent


  • Jones calls Tiger "the most brilliant four-footed actor I've seen. In '75, after the picture came out, there was actually a movement to give the dog an Oscar."
    on Apr 14, 2010 By: L. Q. Jones Source: Kansas City Star

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