foreignness foreignness


  • (n) the quality of being alien or not native



  1. Nowadays, when millions are living in places not fully their own, foreignness is nothing to write home about.
  2. Old-fashioned antiblack bigotry still exists, but today, far more than 20 years ago, white Americans are likely to associate dark skin with foreignness.
  3. Translation into Basic English sometimes results in a stilted foreignness.


  • Time For X-No-Wiretap HTTP Header?

    Freshly Exhumed writes "A security blogger, acknowledging that the NSA methodically ranks communications on the basis of their 'foreignness' factor to determine candidacy for prolonged retention proposes, is proposing ' opportunity for us on the civilian front to aid the NSA by voluntarily indicating citizenship on all our networked communications. Here, we define the syntax and semantics ...
    on September 8, 2013     Source: Slashdot


  1. Thomas said of Frost's poetry: "It is curious to have such good natural English with just that shade of foreignness in the people and the poet himself."
    on Jun 27, 2008 By: Edward Thomas Source:

  2. Wanamaker says she has to "find a foreignness" for this heroine, more so than for other Tennessee Williams parts.
    on Mar 19, 2007 By: Zoe Wanamaker Source: Times Online

  3. But when Molina writes, "You are uprootedness and foreignness, not being completely in any one place, not sharing the certainty of belonging that seems so natural and easy to others, taking it for granted like the firm ground beneath their...
    on Dec 21, 2003 By: Antonio Munoz Molina Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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