footgear footgear


  • (n) covering for a person's feet


  1. Yet this season, women are heading off to work in footgear more vertiginous than ever, topping out at about 6 in.
  2. Always unabashed in his pursuit of comfort, he did not hesitate to keep his unusual footgear unzippered even at formal functions.
  3. Atencio brushed the dust off the toe of a moccasinsensible footgear, the color of bare earth after rainand in the doing he seemed to dismiss the impertinence.


  • New Balance launches limited edition NYC footwear

    New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc., a sneaker company known for Boston roots, is making special footgear for New Yorkers. The company said Monday that the Limited Edition New York City 890v4 and 990v3 have launched at retail. “Both shoes are dedicated to the runners who flock to New York each fall to pound the pavement through all five boroughs empowered by the diverse culture of the city,” a ...
    on October 28, 2013     Source:


  • "It's important for the AIFF to inform the clubs and educate about what footwear to be used and where shall we get that footgear suited for the artificial turfs. Earlier, Sukhwinder Singh got injured at the Chowgule Sports Complex and was out for...
    on Apr 22, 2010 By: Henry Menezes Source:

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