footed footed  /ˈfʊ tɪd/


  • (adj) having feet


  1. When the open standards of the Internet changed the game, Microsoft was initially caught flat-footed.
  2. The ruling Prince, having long footed the Government bills himself, discovered in 1926 a way to relieve the strain on his own diminished income.
  3. But even the most leaden-footed should be able to find parts in the epic crowd scenes that are a hallmark of the industry.


  1. Bear that made the rounds of southeastern Mass. now MIA

    A young black bear that logged hundreds of miles throughout the state over the last year, including such unlikely stops in Chestnut Hill, Middleboro, Attleboro, Rochester and Provincetown, is nowhere to be found.  Officials in Wellfleet managed to tranquilize the fleet four-footed phenom last summer. They also put blue  ear tags on him before returning him to the mainland.  After he found his ...
    on June 16, 2013     Source: The Brockton Enterprise

  2. Indiana, PA - Indiana County

    Numerous dogs and cats are available for adoption from the Indiana County Humane Society’s animal shelter along Rose Street and from Four Footed Friends along Beck Road.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: The Indiana Gazette

  3. Overtraining the dominant side not wise

    Dear Mr. Fitness: I'm right-handed, -footed, etc. Should I do more weight-training repetitions or weight on my left side in order to compensate? I'm not doing anything but... read more
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Key West Citizen


  1. "He's left-footed, right-footed, technically gifted. He's almost as complete a player as Lionel Messi," Klose said, comparing Villa to the Argentina standout. "He's a player that you have to combat against with a whole team, not just one...
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Miroslav Klose Source: Business Mirror

  2. Fellow judge and choreographer Bruno Tonioli said: "The samba should have the excitement of the Brazilian grand prix and this was a Brazilian grand flop: no bounce, poor hip action, heavy-footed."
    on Nov 2, 2008 By: Bruno Tonioli Source: Longridge Today

  3. "He side-footed it as it came to him. It's that quick-thinking goalscorers possess, he's got that instinct," Ferguson said.
    on Apr 11, 2009 By: Sir Alex Ferguson Source: Times Online

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