fishbone fishbone


  • (n) a bone of a fish


  1. Bob Hope, rehearsing for a radio show, suddenly gagged and choked, wheezed painfully until a doctor came and took a fishbone out of his throat.
  2. Britain's Secretary of State for Scotland, Hector McNeil, 40, choked on a breakfast fishbone, had to be rushed to Westminster Hospital to have it removed.
  3. His father was usually drunk and out of a job; his mother was obsessed by the delusion that she had a fishbone lodged in her throat.


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  1. ("Cusack wanted Fishbone - `I wanna play Fishbone!'" Crowe added, saying that the actor is actually playing that band's "Party at Ground Zero" while shooting this wistful moment.)
    on Nov 11, 2007 By: Cameron Crowe Source: Forbes

  2. "David Fishbone goes to work every day," Knox said yesterday in a telephone interview. "He works hard. He's smart."
    on Apr 26, 2007 By: Tom Knox Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

  3. "At this point, it's still Fishbone because Angelo and me can still access that original energy," Fisher said. "We got a band of hard-riding brothers that seem to love what it means to be in Fishbone."
    on May 20, 2007 By: John Norwood Fisher Source:

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