fidgety fidgety


  • (adj) nervous and unable to relax



  1. If you are a fidgety kid, you will be a fidgety adult, even if you learn to manage your movements with caffeine, stress-reduction, a personal trainer or other adult accoutrements.
  2. Combined with the delay in higher-order motor control, researchers theorize, it could explain why kids with ADHD are so fidgety and restless.
  3. Just as the audience began to get fidgety, she began to talk about climate issues, and pulled her cell phone out of her purse.


  • Whidbey Island reading program a hit

    Coping with nerves can be a tricky thing. Gwyneth McSween was having a little trouble herself as she sat with a group of fidgety third graders from Broad View Elementary as the curtain was about to rise.
    on June 5, 2013     Source: Whidbey News Times


  1. "I get fidgety, lose the thread, begin looking for something else to do," Carr wrote. "I feel as if I'm always dragging my wayward brain back to the text. The deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle."
    on Jun 27, 2010 By: Nicholas Carr Source: Salon

  2. "I spoke to Kevin and asked him if he wanted me to come down. But I might get a little fidgety there and want to get involved - and you've got to be careful," explained Fletcher. "He's very confident he can do something, and I fully support...
    on Nov 28, 2006 By: Duncan Fletcher Source:

  3. "As an inveterate ball follower, Kevin Pietersen was complicit in this, shifting his fielders every time Tendulkar found a gap. A fidgety man, perhaps we should not be surprised when Pietersen's captaincy follows suit, but such fluidity can be...
    on Dec 15, 2008 By: Derek Pringle Source: Rediff

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