feebleminded feebleminded


  • (adj) retarded in intellectual development



  1. On second thought, they let him go and got another from a feebleminded 19-year-old named George Bilger.
  2. The patient himself, being either insane or feebleminded, cannot give a consent which is legally or morally worth much.
  3. However, he believes that doctors should sterilize the feebleminded.


  • At Least 150 Women Illegally Sterilized in California's Prisons

    California has a dark history of sterilizing at least 20,000 people who were deemed too poor, too drunk, too promiscuous, too criminal or too feebleminded to reproduce between 1909 and 1964. But a recent investigation finds that even in the 21st century, some female inmates are still being pressured to undergo tubal tubal ligation. [ more › ]        
    on July 8, 2013     Source: LAist

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