fatuity fatuity


  • (n) a ludicrous folly



  1. None of them require the audience to embrace heavy-duty fantasy or comic-romantic fatuity.
  2. He's happy to play dumb allowing Dewey to live profitably within the unexamined premises, the mythic fatuity, of his media-driven myth.
  3. You might just as well talk about the general fatuity of American journalism, American medicine, American mathematicsor American finance.


  • Why take stock when you can kill the messenger?

    We increasingly live in a world in which fatuity (as in smug stupidity) prevails. Think of the unionistas’ cries for more and/or “more equitable” state ...
    on March 9, 2014     Source: The Mckeesport Daily News


  • Slamming the Nobel committee's decision as a "selection of absurdity," UK writer Christopher Hitchens described anti-war poems written by Pinter as "a preference for dictatorship larded with obscenity and fatuity," in a Wall Street...
    on Dec 25, 2008 By: Christopher Hitchens Source: Bloomberg

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