eyeshot eyeshot


  • (n) the range of the eye


  1. Similarly confined but within eyeshot were fellow hostages Tom Sutherland, John McCarthy and Brian Keenan.
  2. The Jap had been pushed out of eyeshot, and Maypole went after him.
  3. It took considerable brow-furrowing to find a spotbehind an oleander hedge on a bank sloping down from the poolwhere the guards would be within earshot but not eyeshot.


  • Peripheral Vision 004: Reggie Watts on using technology to make art, pterodactyls

    You don't have to ask Reggie Watts to make music. He just does. As he fumbles around for cords and components in the drawers and bookshelves of his Brooklyn apartment, everything that falls within eyeshot becomes a song. Spending a few minutes in his presence, you get the feeling that Watts would have been doing this in some form or other, no matter what career path he'd ultimately settled on ...
    on September 19, 2013     Source: Engadget


  • "It's typical in an election that people hold back and want to get a good feel for the candidate," Brownback said. "Now we're getting within eyeshot of Aug. 11 and they're breaking and a lot of them are breaking our way."
    on Jul 25, 2007 By: Sam Brownback Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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