encomium encomium


  • (n) a formal expression of praise



  1. This lurid encomium to cocaine was not penned by an immature drug addict.
  2. The director delivers an encomium on cheese.
  3. Imprimatur, encomium, umbrage, charlatan and eident eliminated all but three.


  • How Steve Jobs Turned Technology — And Apple — Into Religion

    Much ink has been spilled drafting the Steve Jobs encomium. But Jobs and Apple are interesting for far more than technological prowess -- they provide an allegory for reading religion in the information age.        
    on August 8, 2013     Source: Wired News


  • "This is indeed a worthy encomium to your years of dedication, hard work and bold advocacy on behalf of the people of Ontario in general, and in particular, the large constituency of Caribbean Canadians," said Patterson.
    on Nov 28, 2003 By: PJ Patterson Source: Jamaica Observer

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