emblazon emblazon  /ɛmb ˈleɪ zən/


  1. (v) decorate with colors
  2. (v) decorate with heraldic arms



  1. Herbert Marcuse: 1898-1979It is a worldly philosopher's dream: his long neglected works catch fire, illuminate his times and emblazon his name for posterity.
  2. But what happened in the last few days has caused some of us to reconsider the jingoistic slogans we emblazon on our ball caps and t-shirts.


  • Little Arabia thrives in Anaheim, Garden Grove

    Bold, curving letters emblazon the leather-bound books lining the long shelves at Jarir Bookstore in Little Arabia. The shop's owner, Jarir Saadoun, greets customers looking for the latest Middle Eastern cookbook, historical texts, children's tales,...
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Yorba Linda Star


  • "If I ever solve this problem, I'd like to emblazon my coffin with this number," writes Davies.
    on Dec 6, 2004 By: Paul Davies Source: CNN International

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