economise economise


  1. (v) spend sparingly, avoid the waste of
  2. (v) use cautiously and frugally



  1. Fine Gael Cork East TD David Stanton, who obtained the figures, said: "If there'sa way departments can economise they should." "The cost seems quite high. It is difficult to say whether it's excessive or not without a breakdown on how they...
    on Feb 28, 2008 By: David Stanton Source: Irish Examiner

  2. In a speech to the Blairite think tank Progress this morning, Lord Mandelson said the Government recognised the need to "prioritise and economise" once Britain emerges from recession, but would do so while protecting frontline services.
    on Sep 14, 2009 By: Peter Mandelson Source: Independent

  3. "We cannot economise on democracy, that is why they are ridiculous those who think that we are not going to organise elections," said Gbagbo.
    on Dec 3, 2007 By: Laurent Gbagbo Source: Africasia

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