easterner easterner  /ˈi stər nər/


  • (n) an inhabitant of an eastern area; especially of the U.S.


  • Petersburg Pilot -

    July 12, 1913 – What to the Easterner, who holds popular idea as to the climate of Alaska, would seem like sending coals to Newcastle, is the shipments of Seattle ice cream made to the North on nearly every steamer sailing to Southeastern Alaska...
    on July 12, 2013     Source: Petersburg Pilot


  1. "As an Easterner, it's delicious having two great 'local' teams," said Newman. "I wish it were the days before overtime. Then, I'd root for a tie."
    on Feb 1, 2008 By: Paul Newman Source: Ocala.com

  2. "My biggest fear is becoming typecast as the Muslim Middle Easterner, because I think society today has their sights set on the Middle East, and it's become a much bigger part of American culture," said Ahdout, who lives in Los Angeles. "I...
    on Feb 22, 2007 By: Jonathan Ahdout Source: The Jewish Journal of greater L.A

  3. Praising Pamuk's success in literature, Engdahl said, "He had to be both Easterner - to understand what he was seeing - and Westerner to have the method to portray it".
    on Dec 11, 2006 By: Horace Engdahl Source: Turkish Press

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