duellist duellist


  • (n) a person who fights duels



  1. In France, famed Author Ibanez, himself no mean duellist, although "he has never yet succeeded in killing anyone," received the challenge.
  2. Consider the tragedy of Isadora Persano, "the well-known journalist and duellist who was found stark mad with a matchbox in front of him which contained a worm said to be unknown .
  3. Conan Doyle suggests one in The Problem of Thor Bridge: "That of Isadora Persano, the well-known journalist and duellist, who was found stark staring mad with a matchbox in .


  • SIDE STREETS: In Fall River, 'baseballists' brought game to the fore

    They called them “baseballists” in the early days, a word that echoes words like “cellist,” “duellist” or “radiologist.” They didn’t start calling them “baseball players” for a while, and it may be that the use of the word “player” diminishes the seriousness of the occupation.
    on August 10, 2013     Source: Fall River Herald News

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