drifter drifter  /d ˈrɪf tər/


  • (n) a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support



  1. The perpetrator was Richard Speck, then 24, a drifter born in Illinois, raised in Texas, wandering from petty crime to petty crime and bar to bar.
  2. Patrick Purdy, 26, a drifter with guerrilla-warfare fantasies, had returned to the % school he attended 16 years earlier for a final, cowardly assault.
  3. Unemployed and a drifter, the Ohio-born Harvey, 35, claimed to have met three men with Latin names in downtown Los Angeles two weeks ago.


  1. Vagneur: Knocking on the past’s door

    My horse Drifter and I cross the bridge across Woody Creek, thick wooden planks ringing out the methodical sound of hoofbeats just as they did in my youth. An imaginary curtain closes gently behind me, shutting out the modern world of computers, cellphones and frenzy.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: The Aspen Times

  2. See first photo of Rob Lowe as JFK in new National Geographic movie

    Rob Lowe can do pretty much whatever Rob Lowe wants to do. Play a hockey god in Youngblood . Channel a  womanizing post-college drifter in St. Elmo's Fire . Pull off possibly his best work as a White House communications staffer in The West Wing . Hell, even dress up as Jesus for a Halloween party in Class . …
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Tampa Bay Times

  3. Homeless man shot dead by police described as generous, not violent

    On the street, he was known as "G."His full name was Gregory or Greg, but homeless people don't often share their last names so nobody seems to know his.But plenty of people knew this drifter and accomplished panhandler, who rode a bicycle with the trailer behind it, which carried a sign reading "Wi...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Lancaster Online


  1. Pitt says, "The change has been immense. I've become a father, turned 40, and I've become more clear on the direction that I'd like to take and the things that speak to me. In my younger days I was more of drifter. I'd try many things - I'd try...
    on Oct 4, 2006 By: Brad Pitt Source: PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung)

  2. ESPN.com's Pat Forde wrote: "In the coming days and weeks, the disingenuous drifter will say what Arkansas fans want to hear. He'll look at them with blank shark eyes and tell them, in a monotone voice, how excited he is to be the coach of the...
    on Dec 12, 2007 By: Pat Forde Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

  3. "The deterrent effect of the bill itself has been really gratifying," Bauman said. "I'm an entertainer and I'm a Drifter."
    on Feb 27, 2008 By: Jon Bauman Source: Salisbury Daily Times

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