dowsing dowsing  /ˈdaʊ sɪŋ/


  • (n) searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod



  1. So did thousands of capitalists dowsing for new markets and investments in this promising territory.
  2. Every once in a while the worker saunters to the creek for a cool dowsing.
  3. Three weeks ago Pieter was on his way to Tanganyika on a dowsing expedition.


  • Officials agree to disagree on dowsing

    Staff photo by Neil Abeles • Atlanta water department employees Larry Benamin, left, is dowsing, that is, trying to find water and its direction of flow using, in this case, a piece of wire. Mike Burns, in the ditch looking, may need any help he can get.
    on July 3, 2013     Source: Texarkana Gazette

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