dogshit dogshit


  • (n) obscene words for unacceptable behavior


  • All over the web, Chinese people are posting things like "dogshit eating terrorist Lama" and "DaLiar Lama" and "shit-eating monks" and "terrorist cultists.


  • A Break from Crap: Nicholas Cage Returns in ‘Joe’

    Joe is being hailed as a return by Nicolas Cage to his indie roots. That’s not accurate. Cage never had indie roots. His real name is Coppola. In reality, Joe is a return to non-dogshit movies for Cage. It’s the best thing he’s appeared in since roughly The Weather Man (2005), a movie with problems but certainly a better experience than Drive Angry or Ghost Rider or Neil LaBute’s remake of The ...
    on April 19, 2014     Source: San Antonio Current

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