demean demean  /dɪ ˈmin/


  • (v) reduce in worth or character, usually verbally



  1. I didn't write this book as a way to demean or out anyone or to do damage to anyone's careers.
  2. I know you've stated publicly that the song isn't meant to demean anyone.
  3. Which isn't to demean the millions of teachers who work hard for sweatshop wages.


  1. Angels open 4-game series with Mariners

    Although the Angels wouldn't want to demean the Seattle Mariners by admitting it, this four-game series against Seattle ought to present an opportunity for the Angels.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Orange County Register

  2. Rep. Joe Heck apologizes for son's 'offensive' Twitter rants

    Nevada Rep. Joe Heck’s teenage son has used his Twitter account to insult women, demean gay people and poke fun at President Barack Obama’s race. The Republican congressman apologized for the comments.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Las Vegas Sun

  3. All US Officers Should Listen To The Australian Army Chief's Brutal Sexual Assault Video Message

    Male members of the Australian army also have a problem with sexual misbehavior, it seems. A report by Elizabeth Broderick in the Sydney Morning Herald outlines how male members of the Australian army are under investigation for producing and distributing " explicit emails and photos that demean and denigrate women."
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Business Insider


  1. "I wasn't trying to demean Joe. If he hadn't come so far (in recovery), I would not ever have done it," said Kitna, while surrounded by media after practice yesterday.
    on Nov 1, 2007 By: Jon Kitna Source: Toronto Star

  2. "Words have power. The power to express love, happiness and joy. They also have the power to heal," Washington says in the message. "When you use words that demean a person because of their sexual orientation, race or gender, you send a...
    on May 24, 2007 By: Isaiah Washington Source: Forbes

  3. "Listen, I haven't been in the first chair in an NBA game since 1993," said Rothstein, who also coached the WNBA's Miami Sol for three seasons. "Coaching the WNBA was a totally different story. I don't mean to demean that at all. But this is...
    on Jan 3, 2007 By: Ron Rothstein Source: Sioux City Journal

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