defoliate defoliate


  1. (v) strip the leaves or branches from
  2. (adj) deprived of leaves

Derived Word(s)


  1. Gypsy moths would again defoliate the forests of the Northeast.
  2. For 14 years now, veterans' groups have charged that the herbicide used to defoliate the jungle canopy was toxic to soldiers.
  3. One of the substances present in the herbicide, used in the Viet Nam War to defoliate enemy crops and jungle hiding places, is the dangerous chemical dioxin.


  • Don't OK expanded use of herbicide

    The federal government is proposing to eliminate restrictions on genetically engineered corn and soybean seeds that are processed to resist the use of a potent weed killer known as “2,4-D,” an herbicide that was a component included in “Agent Orange” used extensively in the Vietnam War to defoliate tropical undergrowth in that country.
    on January 30, 2014     Source: The Journal News

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