defenseless defenseless  /dɪ ˈfɛns ləs/


  1. (adj) lacking protection or support
  2. (adj) having no protecting or concealing cover
  3. (adj) lacking weapons for self-defense
  4. (adv) without defense


  1. How years of misguided policies and bureaucratic bungling left New Orleans defenseless against Katrina and why it may happen again.
  2. Seen this way, the defenseless movie is reduced to a Rorschach inkblot, an excuse for prolonging the debate between fantasy and naturalism.
  3. Even for a January splatter-fest movie, the Diane Lane gorefest is cruel and unusual punishment both for the cast and crew, and defenseless moviegoers.


  • Monsanto Hid Its GMO Wheat Where No One Would Find It: In a Field

    Stephen Colbert has solved the zombie wheat mystery: After it scrapped its GMO wheat program a decade ago, Monsanto, “another defenseless multinational,” destroyed all tested material. Then, just to be sure no one would find it, “they buried that wheat in the middle of a field.”
    on June 7, 2013     Source: via Yahoo! News


  1. Stookey praised Travers for her activism, "especially in her defense of the defenseless."
    on Sep 16, 2009 By: Noel Paul Stookey Source: USA Today

  2. "It could be the final blow that many of the poorest of the world's poor simply cannot survive," Ban said. "It is our job, at the UN, to see that this does not happen." "It is our job to defend the defenseless, to give voice to the...
    on Oct 24, 2008 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: Xinhua

  3. "I recall feeling defenseless because more than a year had passed since I'd researched and written the novel, and the precise names, dates, places, and facts had faded somewhat in my memory," explains Brown, who acknowledges the anger over...
    on Mar 16, 2006 By: Blythe Brown Source: USA Today

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