cowardliness cowardliness


  • (n) the trait of lacking courage


  1. Contrary to popular tradition, cowardliness in the ranks was probably not responsible for these catastrophes.
  2. I had to face and fight corruption, lies and cowardliness.
  3. In this treatise he finds an existential examination of the courage or cowardliness of suicide as an answer to the grey horrors of bourgeois life.


  • Expensive energy hurts the nation

    With the recent debates between Republicans and Democrats, you never hear anything about energy and how it affects our society. The Nameless Ruling Elites (NREs) who have infiltrated both political parties seem to control the subjects that are brought up because of the cowardliness. Energy would disclose what ails our society.
    on July 2, 2013     Source: Grand Island Independent

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