coruscant coruscant


  • (adj) having brief brilliant points or flashes of light


  1. Though one coruscant message was celibacy, Purnell was accused more than once of seducing teen-age girls in so-called purification rites.
  2. Terry spelled coruscant and sirocco with no trouble.
  3. Pamela Mason may be coruscant; she is also extremely intelligent, articulate, frank, and altogether interesting to look at and listen to.


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    In the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, could we learn that Samuel L. Jackson’s Mace Windu somehow survived losing his arm, getting electrocuted, and plummeting to his death from an impossibly tall Coruscant structure? Ask director J.J. Abrams, and you’re likely to just get a non-committal shrug. At Comic-Con 2013, Jackson was promoting Captain America:... Read more » More Star Wars? Samuel L ...
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