corny corny  /ˈkɔr ni/


  • (adj) dull and tiresome but with pretensions of significance or originality


  1. Poking fun at corny old musicals is such a corny old device by now that your defenses are up from the outset of this spoofy musical.
  2. That Old Feeling: A Berlin Bio-pic Richard Corliss on a life as rich, corny and poignant as any Irving Berlin song.
  3. Illustration by Edwina White for PTI The thought of a loved one can turn our wits upside down, ratchet up our heart rate, impel us to slay dragons and write corny songs.


  1. In 'After Earth,' Jaden Smith proves again that he's no movie star

    'After Earth' wouldn't exist had actor Will Smith not cooked it up as yet another star vehicle for his son. This sci-fi adventure about a boy who must become a man to save himself and his wounded warrior father in a hostile world is a corny, generally humorless picture from director M. Night Shyamalan ('The Sixth Sense,' 2010's insipid 'The Last Airbender').
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Detroit Free Press

  2. Video: The Internship's Jessica Szohr Spills on the Perks of Her "Dancer" Role

    Jessica Szohr stopped by the Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York City, and we talked to her about what sweet scent she usually sports (hint: it's wintery). She also got a little corny about the smell that makes her the most nostalgic and spilled on the perks of her role as a "dancer" in The Internship .
    on June 14, 2013     Source: PopSugar

  3. 2013 U.S. Open: Phil Mickelson arrives at Merion just hours before 1st Round tee time

    All the early morning drama at the start of the U.S. Open centered around two decidedly non-golf stories -- the weather, and Phil Mickelson's travel arrangements. The incoming line of severe storms that's rolled through the midwestern part of the country and expected to hit the Philadelphia area by mid-morning has had all the golf writers on-site making their best, and corny derecho jokes ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: SB Nation


  1. "It's over with," Noah said. "I'm not really supposed to talk about it. All I can say is that ...... I feel like people are just trying to get in my head. It's corny, but it's OK. Whatever. I'm over it. At the end of the day, if he tried to...
    on Feb 19, 2007 By: Joakim Noah Source:

  2. "Another corny entrance and another corny midnight madness, but this one had significant value," Izzo said. "That was our way of thanking and making them a part of our modern day." "Now, it goes from an article or whatever to maybe a...
    on Apr 1, 2009 By: Tom Izzo Source: Boston Herald

  3. "When we were in the ambulance, I kind of assumed he was going to be all right because of the way he was talking and stuff," Houshmandzadeh said Monday. "He was just joking around. Nothing in particular, just saying little dumb, corny jokes....
    on Nov 5, 2007 By: TJ Houshmandzadeh Source: Forbes

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