contribution contribution  /ˌkɑn trə ˈbju ʃən/


  1. (n) the part played by a person in bringing about a result
  2. (n) a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause
  3. (n) act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity
  4. (n) an amount of money contributed
  5. (n) a writing for publication especially one of a collection of writings as an article or story



  1. PTI has learned that at least two of Beall's witnesses, Wolff and Matz, have accused Agnew of extorting campaign contributions from state and federal contractors in Maryland.
  2. After West and East Germany become members next year, new contributions of about $15 million will come in.
  3. We have gone above and beyond the transparency requirements by disclosing our bundlers and the levels of contributions they raise.



    COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — An $8.3 million contribution has earned a former University of Missouri curator naming rights for the school's golf course at a Columbia country club.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Connecticut Post

  2. New Song: Britney Spears, 'Ooh La La'

    Listen to Britney Spears' sunshiny "Smurfs 2" jam, "Ooh La La." #PRAISE! IT'S FINALLY HERE!! Britney Spears' contribution to the "Smurfs 2" soundtrack is called "Ooh La La," and it's a bouncy, lively track that's perfect for kids of all ages. Seriously, anyone between the ages of two and 32 WILL LOVE IT. But also [...]
    on June 18, 2013     Source: MTV

  3. AT&T donates $5,000 to Turner Community Connection

    AT&T announced a $5,000 contribution to Turner Community Connection (TCC). The contribution is targeted to specifically help students by providing job training and placement services with local businesses where students can gain real-world experience and save money for their education.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Kansas City Kansan

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