condescending condescending  /ˌkɑn dɪ ˈsɛn dɪŋ/


  • (adj) (used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension



  1. I find the snarkiness condescending, a reflection of the general snobbiness in the humanitarian community about celebrities trying to do good work.
  2. The backlash against President Obama is the latest iteration of a populist tendency against money being siphoned off by condescending elites and going to those who do not work.
  3. This is as condescending as it gets, topping even Mitt Romneys last-ditch effort to repackage himself to laid-off union workers as the love child of Joe Hill and Norma Rae.


  1. Server's respect perceived as insult

    DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have found myself in a curious position. As a server in a prominent restaurant, I was accosted by two women who took offense to me referring to them as "young ladies." The ladies in question were possibly mid-50s to mid-60s, and one became irate, informing me that to refer to her as "young lady" was an insult and condescending.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  2. Austerity works (if it’s really implemented)

    By John Stossel Europe’s struggles prove that “austerity” fails. So say the Big Spenders. With a condescending sigh, they explain that Europe made deep cuts in government spending ...
    on June 9, 2013     Source: The Mckeesport Daily News

  3. Paul Prather: Why people attend an evangelical church

    Among the frequent misperceptions about Christians in general, but about evangelicals especially, is that we're rather simple, mindless creatures who accept unquestioningly the existence of God and every tenet our churches teach. I've always found this caricature lazy at best, condescending at worst.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Lexington Herald-Leader


  1. "Throughout the years, unpretentious and never condescending, he shared with me what he loved about family, storytelling, food, flying and a great bottle of vino," Cruise said. "He was a Renaissance man and a great friend. I will miss him...
    on May 27, 2008 By: Tom Cruise Source:

  2. "During the course of the last few days, you know, she's said I'm elitist, out of touch, condescending," Obama said.
    on Feb 22, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: Akron Beacon Journal

  3. "To me, it's used up," Waters said of the Hon. "It's condescending now. The people that celebrate it are not from it. I feel that in some weird way they're looking slightly down on it. I only celebrate something I can look up to."
    on Jun 13, 2008 By: John Waters Source: Baltimore Sun

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