concubine concubine  /ˈkɑnkjə ˌbaɪn/


  • (n) a woman who cohabits with an important man



  1. Mutsuhito's mother was a court lady fortunate enough to become an imperial concubine.
  2. The movies tiny dramatic kernel involves Hervs wordless one-time liaison with Hara Jubeis beautiful concubine, which leaves him feeling obsessed and guilty.
  3. After seven years in the brothel, she was bought out by Pan Zanhua, a progressive official who made her his concubine, then his second wife, and encouraged her painting.



  1. "I have had so much abuse poured on me I have almost become used to it. I have been called a 'racist little girl', an apartheid spy, a concubine whore, a lesbian who is having affairs with all male members of her cabinet - you name it," Zille said.
    on Sep 22, 2009 By: Helen Zille Source: Independent Online

  2. Immediately after the performance Mei said with affection, "I have performed 'Farewell My Concubine' more than 1,000 times, but it has never felt gratifying before."
    on Jan 29, 2010 By: Méi Lánfāng Source: JoongAng Daily

  3. "I expect many will compare me with Leslie Cheung [star of Farewell My Concubine], but I feel no pressure about that," said Lai, who stars as Mei Lanfang, during a press conference last Tuesday at the CGV Multiplex in Wangsimni, eastern Seoul.
    on Mar 26, 2009 By: Leon Lai Source: 중앙데일리

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