chicness chicness


  • (n) elegance by virtue of being fashionable


  1. Reitman does provide two nice casting surprises: the formerly hot Nastassja Kinski as the sweetly scheming mom and Seinfelds Julia Louis-Dreyfus, crisped up with a chicness .
  2. Franois Curiel, head of Christie's Europe, which sponsored the show, says the "chicness" of a high-society gathering is now measured in the number of JAR jewels attending, so the .


  • Fashion Person Swears You’re Not Chic Unless You’re Ungoogleable

    Chicness has many components. Style. Elegance. Mystery. Ability to turn down between-meal snacks. For designer Phoebe Philo, though, the height of chic is online nonexistence. “The chicest thing is when you don’t exist on Google,” she said recently, according to The Guardian . ”God, I would love to be that person!” Read More
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The New York Observer


  • "That's a starting point in confidence for young girls," Roy said. "I like mixing odd colors and prints. I personally find a strength in that, a chicness in that. I want to help women being creative and push fashion in that."
    on Sep 11, 2009 By: Rachel Roy Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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