changeable changeable  /ˈtʃeɪn dʒə bəl/


  1. (adj) capable of or tending to change in form or quality or nature
  2. (adj) such that alteration is possible; having a marked tendency to change
  3. (adj) subject to change
  4. (adj) varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles


  1. The levels of the hormone can be quite high and changeable, and that can induce some pretty dangerous behavior among young men.
  2. But they couldn't tell whether they were seeing variations on one changeable virus or the handiwork of several different viruses that had made the jump from primates to man.
  3. During the judge's testimony, they wondered aloud if he was, instead, too changeable.


  1. I-215 nighttime closures scheduled week of June 23

    Temporary changeable message sign notifies drivers of upcoming full freeway closures. Significant overhead freeway signage installation is in full swing throughout the project area.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Highland Community News

  2. The Division has 'classless characters,' second screen detailed

    Ubisoft has shed a little light on its new Tom Clancy open-world RPG for Xbox One and PS4 , The Division . First and foremost, the game has no predefined classes. Players are allowed to assign skills to their characters as they see fit and those skills are "totally changeable." So, you're able to spec your character as a healer or tank or whatever the situation demands. The publisher also ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Joystiq


  1. "The market is very changeable and is moving at the moment, so we have to be careful in that sense," said Laporta, who said Henry's future will be decided "when the World Cup finishes for France".
    on Jun 21, 2010 By: Joan Laporta Source: The Guardian

  2. "Our first podium of the season was of course a big morale boost, however it would be unrealistic to expect a repeat of this result in dry track conditions," Honda team principal Ross Brawn said. "With changeable weather predicted for the...
    on Jul 17, 2008 By: Ross Brawn Source: New Zealand Herald

  3. "The extremely changeable dry-wet conditions made today's race a very challenging one for all competitors," reported Whitmarsh, "but, as ever, Lewis' ability shone brightly in the gathering gloom and the race brought another really impressive...
    on Apr 5, 2009 By: Martin Whitmarsh Source: Yahoo! Eurosport

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